The Story Behind WheelBands

As the brainchild of Deborah and Christopher Chester, RimPro-Tec WheelBands originated in New Zealand in 2007, and has now grown into an international company with a presence in dozens of countries.

As with many great inventions, there is an amazing story behind this innovative product. It all started when Taranaki resident, Deborah Chester, had a dream about her house being ripped to shreds by a tornado.
Shortly after Deborah’s nightmare, in July 2007,  tornadoes tore through New Zealand’s Taranaki region. Deborah and her family escaped serious harm by taking shelter in the only part of their house left standing.
After moving to a new home, Chris then had a vivid dream about creating a product to protect rims from curb damage. With a newfound respect for dreams, the couple decided to pursue the idea.
And so, RimPro-Tec WheelBands was born. Six years of research, development and testing followed, eventually leading to the award-winning product that you see today.
The company is now working on several other products that will share the quality and superiority that RimPro-Tec products have become known for.