Please note that installation time varies based on wheel design, wheel size and the experience level of the installer. A first time do-it-yourself installation can take up to an hour for four wheels.

IMPORTANT: Do not install WheelBands if temperature is below 10°C. Do not store WheelBands in temperatures above 50°C.

1. Wash the wheels and allow to dry. Ensure all required parts and tools are ready. Note: cutters or knife not included.

2. Use RimPro-Tec wipes to remove any residue or contaminants that may remain on the wheel rim.
Note: 4x wipes included in installation kit – use one per wheel.

3. Choose the location on the wheel rim that the WheelBands track will adhere to, making sure the entire surface of the rim is completely undamaged for the adhesive tape to be applied to. Cut 5mm off each end of the WheelBands.

4. Gently place one end of the WheelBands track onto the desired part of the rim, making sure to hold the rest of the track away from the wheel to avoid accidental adhesion.

5. Carefully peel off the backing from the tape in small sections at a time whilst applying to the wheel. Do not handle the sticky surface of the tape as this could potentially reduce the adhesion.

6. Follow the wheel contour whilst pressing the WheelBands track firmly in place to complete the circle.

7. Carefully mark the WheelBands track and cut to desired length, ensuring both ends are flush together. Ensure there are NO GAPS. Discard any excess track when finished.

8. Use the fitting tool to press the WheelBands track onto the rim firmly in order to ensure that the track has fully adhered to the wheel.

9. Insert the WheelBands inner into the track, ensuring that the join will be on the opposite side of the wheel to the join in the track.

10. Cut the WheelBands inner to the desired length, and use the fitting tool to ensure that the inner has fully clicked into place

Video Tutorials

Check out the videos below for further installation instructions.