Defending Rims with Style

WheelBands durable coloured trim will protect your wheels from curb damage – and look good doing it!

Why Wheelbands?


WheelBands act as a bumper between your wheels and the curb, protecting from scrapes and scuffs upon impact.


Interchangeable coloured inserts can be matched to your body paint, vehicle graphics, or caliper colour; allowing you to add a personal touch to any vehicle.

NZ Made

First invented in Taranaki, WheelBands continue to be made right here in New Zealand.

WheelBands Kit Black Track Red Insert

WheelBands Kit

Now $149.99

Protect your rims from scuffs and scrapes with WheelBands! Our WheelBands Kit contains everything you need to install WheelBands on your vehicle. Perfectly match your bands to your vehicle with 12 colours to choose from.

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